April 25, 2012

Delhi Fastest Growing City In Emerging Economies

Delhi is the fastest growing city in all of the emerging economies. From 1995 till 2010, the population of the Indian city has grown with 10 million citizens.

For the next 10 years, another 6 million people are expected to follow, according to the Economist. Delhi is followed by Dhaka and Kinshasa.

Currently, about 52 % of the world population lives in cities. This percentage will most likely increase to 58 % by 2025. Nearly all growth in the global urban population takes place in emerging-economies. Predominantly in Asia.


This trend will put an enormous pressure on city infrastructure, increasing crowds on transport, worsening water scarcity and exacerbating electricity shortages. The Boston Consulting Group reckons that over the next two decades urban areas in emerging economies will account for about two-thirds of worldwide infrastructure spending.

Explore the Economist chart: Emerging-market cities >>

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