February 15, 2012

Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden Innovation Leaders in EU

According to the latest EU: Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden are Leading Innovators in the EU. These nations all show a performance well above that of the EU27 average.

The Innovation Union Scoreboard includes innovation indicators and trend analyses for the EU27 Member States, as well as for Croatia, Iceland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. It also includes comparisons based on a more reduced set of indicators between the EU27 and 10 global competitors.

Among the Innovation Followers are The Netherlands and the UK, while countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain are considered to be Moderate Innovators. These nations all have scores below that of the EU27 average.Finally, states like Bulgaria and Romania were rated Modest Innovators, with performances well below that of the EU27 average.

Read the full Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011 report >>

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